How To Write A Blog Post Outline In 2022

What is a blog post format?

The blog formatting process is the art of making the most effective ideas appear the most evident. This is accomplished by making pages with distinctive headers changing text elements as well as splicing images and media and all of this in order to draw the attention of readers to what’s important.

I will teach you 12 perfect tips to write a blog post outline in this Ultimate Guide:

1. Keyword Research:

The objective of doing search engine optimization is to identify keywords and phrases that people are looking for on Google as well as other websites.

2. Determine the Key Takeaway for Your Readers:

If you are able to come up with an idea to write a blog article, the first thing to do is to identify your top takeaway for your readers.

3. Make a list of targeted keywords:

If you find keywords that are great that are not a lot of competition It is possible to note them in the upper right corner of the document. This allows you to create your article, you will be sure to include various variations in your search intent.

4. Nail your working blog title:

It’s the single most critical part of the entire procedure. You must be aware of what you’re planning to write before you begin drafting your outline.

5. Bring your post to life with storytelling:

Writers who are under pressure often skip this crucial step. After a lot of research and applying some structure to their article writers can overlook the essence of his work, which is storytelling.

  • Story flow. The most scientific blog topic can be turned into stories. A piece about cancer treatment doesn’t need to be dull and boring It can begin by describing an actual person who received the treatment, or about how the drug is absorbed through the bloodstream, an exciting middle that reveals the struggle to research, and finally, the good news. Bring a sense of storytelling in your writing by rearranging sections and creating links between them.
  • Placeholders for visuals. If you aren’t thinking at the beginning about diagrams, images, and infographics, then you’ll probably end up with an unorthodox placement or the absence of visual aids to tell your narrative.

6. Also, read current results:

Of all the keywords in your listing, it is possible to choose one to be the primary keyword. The keyword you choose will form in your title, URL, and you must include it several times throughout your text.

7. If you notice any information that comes to you that you’d like to forget, write these details in:

Not the least last, make sure to update your outline with things you won’t wish to lose when you write.

8. Break them up into bigger sections:

We’ll now examine that pile of ideas and organize them into overarching sections. Imagine it as sorting laundry. Each idea belongs to a distinct pile. Based on your ideas you’ll need to think of several major themes.

  1. Crafting a Twitter Image Lead Gen Strategy
  • How often should they tweet images?
  • How do I send an image via Twitter
  • What size are they required for images?
  • How can they create images of their own
  • Where can they find images they can legally use
  • What is it that sets a great image from a poor one on Twitter

9. Also add related results:

If you believe that the reader may have more concerns about the topic on your blog it is possible to add similar questions. One of the best ways to get ideas for this area is to go to Google search, type your search term, then take a look at the most commonly asked queries.

10. Plan smart SEO:

SEO writing begins with understanding which keywords to focus on as well as additional keywords to incorporate into your blog SEO article. It’s concluded by smartly using these keywords in your subheadings and headings and the body of your text to mark your post as being relevant to the keywords you want to target.

11. Come Up With A Catchy Blog Post Headline:

The headline of your blog post determines the likelihood that readers will read your post or ignore it, regardless of how good the content is.

  • It must convince the reader to go through the blog
  • It must be pertinent to the information included in your blog post.

12. Find out your most important points will be:

I typically note down the most important things I’d like to discuss in a large list as they are presented to me. The next step would be to arrange them, so don’t think about it at this point. Make sure to put everything on one page, and be able to see it, and so that you can take a look, in order to help you get more points.

Blog Post Outline Example By Hubspot:

What is high-quality content?

Quality content is that which can answer all doubts and questions of your readers in one place. The secret to writing this content is “assuming you are the reader and then asking questions on the subject until you’ve exhausted all options”.

How to create high-quality content?

1. Know your search intent and (CTA):

The motive behind search intent is for someone to seek information on the internet.

2. Write for your readers, not for yourself:

If you’re running an eCommerce website and you’re looking to let your customers know about the products and services you provide. If you’re a blogger you’d like your readers to become familiar with you and the topics that are interesting to you.

3. Use Proper Formatting for Readability:

Your content must be easy to read not only for your customers but also for search engines, as the index, crawl and rank your site.

4. Be trustworthy:

When visitors visit your website, it’s crucial to establish trust. Particularly when they aren’t experienced with your website yet it’s important to show them that you’re reliable. Writing in an organized, user-friendly manner helps establish the foundation, but there’s more you could do.

5. See What’s Trending:

Every content piece begins with a subject. The subject you select can determine the success of your marketing plan.

6. Keep your content up to date:

Another important aspect of high-quality content is to ensure it’s current and up-to-date constantly. This means that publishing a well-written blog article is not the final stage in this process.

7. Add Internal Links:

Internal linking is essential as it can assist Google to comprehend and ranking your website more effectively. When you provide Google links to follow with descriptive anchor text you are able to inform Google what pages on your website are of importance and the content of those pages.

8. Add External Links:

A link from an external source is more valuable if it connects to well-known and relevant websites which are highly-ranked, and are related to the content of your site. External links that are valuable will aid in increasing the credibility of your site by providing visitors with sources.

9. Target Keyword For SEO:

A targeted Keyword A target Keyword is one phrase or word that is the best way to describe your website. This is what you wish users enter to search engines in order to locate the website. SEO Manager’s “Target Keywords” part of SEO Manager will check your page’s content to ensure that you’ve included the keyword or phrase that is the most relevant to the page.

Use Google Trends To Create Blog Post Outline:

Google Trends Google Trends is a site operated by Google that studies the popularity of the most popular search terms on Google Search across different countries and dialects. The site uses graphs to measure the search volume of various searches in time.

Use Google Docs to write your content:

Google Docs is an online word processor that is part of the no-cost, online Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google that also comprises Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms, Google Sites, and Google Keep.


What is the benefit of writing blog posts outline?

An outline of your blog post will help you avoid rambling or disjointed writing. It can assist in organizing your thoughts, making it simple for readers to understand (and decide to act on). “Starting with an outline for your blog post can assist you in organizing your thoughts, and help you avoid unorganized writing.”

What is a blog outline?

It’s the element that you base your headlines on. There can be only just one Big Idea per post. With outlining you will take your Big Idea (headline), break down your Big Idea into a handful of Key Points, and then back up those Key Points. What’s a Key Point?

What is a blog layout?

A blog layout must be less cluttered than the majority of websites and the text will stand out more. It is possible to have a minimalist layout that has one column for your header, a single column for posts, and some sidebars, or be more intricate. Be sure to keep it clean and messy. These suggestions can help you design your blog that is both enjoyable to read and enjoyable to read.

Why blog outline is important for SEO?

However, planning your blog content using a blog outline will be more than just a way to reduce time, it can also assist you to become a better writer. It can aid in training your thinking process and prevent your mind from wandering mind. It can also assist you in overcoming writing blocks. Outlining exercises go far more than merely making plans.

What is a blog newsletter?

A blog newsletter is an email sent to inform readers that you have published a new blog article. The goal of the email is to draw readers to click the message by stating how the blog post can help them achieve their goals, change their lives, or help solve an issue. Inspire curiosity, so that people are eager to learn more.

Who is the blog audience?

An audience for a blog is the number of people who visit and return to the blog of a blogger. The process of establishing a real audience — in contrast to getting unique visitors through search engine optimization — is an enormous task for bloggers, as Internet users are known to have different tastes.

What is a hobby blogger?

The hobby site is an online blog that has been created and filled with blog posts to provide own enjoyment as a pastime instead of to advertise products such as services. It can also be used even as an opportunity to earn an income that is meaningful from the blog.

How much do professional bloggers earn?

In India, bloggers are able to earn anything between $100-$10,000 each month. Average blogger can $300 to $400 per month. If the blogger has more experience and has more experience, they can make up to $3000+. Famous bloggers from India make between $20,000 and $30,000.

What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach (sometimes called influencer marketing) is the process where bloggers and businesses collaborate to produce kick-ass promotional content. The company usually offers samples of its products either exchange in exchange for reviews or prizes for giveaways -or, sometimes, both.

What is SEO in digital marketing?

Advertisements. SEO is shorthand for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the method of generating traffic from organic, free natural, editorial, or results from search engines. It’s the term used to describe the process that aims to increase the search engine ranking.



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