Liquid Web Vs iThemes Hosting | Which One Is Better?

Boost your website with Liquid Web vs iThemes Hosting:

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Liquid Web is a business-class web hosting firm that has tailored its services to meet the unique needs of people and businesses seeking more than shared hosting. Indeed, Liquid Web does not provide shared hosting at all.

If you’re operating a WooCommerce shop, an enterprise website, a Learning Management System (LMS), or any other application that needs dedicated server resources, Liquid Web is one of many hosts that may help.

However, are they effective?

We utilize our many years of expertise in our Liquid Web review to evaluate the company’s strengths and shortcomings in order to determine if the web hosting is worth your money.

iThemes is a web provider worth considering for its hosting and WordPress plugins.

The US-based company is known for its outstanding WordPress software. Indeed, BackupBuddy and iThemes Security are currently operating on almost 1 million websites.

While researching iThemes’ web hosting services, I discovered some notable disadvantages that you should be aware of. I also read the company’s Terms and Conditions and found several things you won’t like.

iTheme’s primary features are its strong WordPress capabilities and Liquid Web-powered infrastructure. However, iTheme’s hosting is reasonably priced. Also, its WordPress plans aren’t completely controlled, and it has some serious resource restrictions.

To compare the top web hosts, we evaluated performance, customer support, and value for money.

Liquid Web Hosting:

Liquid Web is a web hosting business headquartered in the United States with over 45,000 clients in 150 countries. The company manages more than 500,000 websites through a network of ten worldwide data centers.

The firm is a specialist in managed hosting, and the majority of its products are based on this business model.

As a result, Liquid Web may be a viable option for small to medium-sized companies and larger organizations that need substantial server resources to host their websites, learning management systems, and other assets.

However, although the business does not provide shared hosting services, they are the owners of another well-known company that does.

Why we Choose Liquid Web Hosting?

Aside from response times and hardware replacement, Liquid Web provides one of the most complete Service Level Agreements (SLA) we’ve encountered.

Liquid Web claims to react to phone and chat inquiries in 59 seconds, and support tickets in 59 minutes. Liquid Web also guarantees 100% uptime. If they are ever offline, they will credit you 10 times the downtime.

Its 250+ Windows, Cisco, and Red Hat Linux Certified experts offer some of the finest web hosting assistance we’ve seen. So, Liquid Web’s staff functions as your own.

They handle essential program installation and maintenance, operating system upgrades and patches, and proactive reactions to monitoring events. Their hosting, like Apple goods, works.

It’s one of the few hosting companies that offer HIPPA and PCI compliance. We appreciate their commitment to consumer data. It’s critical in 2021.

For only $299, Liquid Web offers a pre-configured HIPAA Package that conforms with HIPPA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

PCI Compliance Scanning Service for e-Commerce Businesses for $50/month. An approved scanning vendor offers quarterly and on-demand PCI scans (ASV). As a fully managed service, Liquid Web will assist fix (and re-scan) any compliance problems found.

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iThemes Hosting:

In terms of features and performance, iThemes is a great option, but it isn’t completely controlled. This may be confusing for novice WordPress users.

Plus, all hosting plans include three of iThemes’ finest WordPress plugins.

With iThemes’ WordPress plugin suite, you can perform many complexes yet vital WordPress settings yourself. This features 1-click WordPress CMS upgrades, simple uptime monitoring, website security and prevention of hacker attempts, and more.

But you must still do everything yourself.

Despite these benefits, iThemes is a costly web host. There is a limit to the number of websites per plan, and you cannot select where your websites are hosted.

To be fair, the business offers a substantial repurchase scheme for customers moving hosts. So let’s see what you get for your money.

Why we Choose iThemes Hosting?

Each of iThemes’ WordPress plans includes software that streamlines the creation and maintenance of your websites. The issue is that you are alone. Support is restricted to infrastructure maintenance and communication options are limited.

Without managed WordPress hosting, you must handle your own CMS upgrades and backups. If one of them fails, you won’t be able to contact support and get a copy of your website.

Defective plugins are also not debugged. Your best bet is to ask for assistance from other WordPress users. This is not a good scenario for newcomers.

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Infrastructure for hosting services that are fully managed (WordPress, WooCommerce, VPS, Dedicated Servers). PHP 7 with HTTP/2, NGINX, SSD, and PHP Workers is a fast and secure tech stack.

Plugin updates and daily backups are performed automatically at night. There is a 100% uptime guarantee, or they will give you a credit. SSL, CDN, and DDoS protection are all provided at no cost, as well as white-glove site relocation services.

Free access to high-end resources (BeaverBuilder, All IconicWP, Jilt,, iThemes sync, iThemes Security Pro). 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year through phone, email, and live chat.

Despite the fact that iThemes Hosting comes pre-loaded with three of the finest WordPress plugins available, the service has several significant flaws. A small company or web developer on a tight budget may want to give it some thought.

However, if you just want to create a few websites for yourself, iThemes is probably not the ideal choice. Often, the downsides outweigh the advantages in these circumstances.

Because of Liquid Web’s stellar reputation, you can be certain that the servers that power iThemes hosting will provide lightning-fast loading times for your websites. However, there is no information about data centers or server setup provided by the host.



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