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Dec 2, 2021

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Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

Affiliate marketing has the benefit of not needing any start-up cash and the ability to start making money immediately. His greatest advantage and success comes from his knowledge and his ability to put it into practice.

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An affiliate marketer may put his expertise to work by providing customers with answers to their issues. If the consumer thinks the product is worth more than the money, he buys it on the advice of the affiliate. It’s a win-win for both parties.

What is affiliate marketing?

If you have been reading any of my articles/podcasts, you may already be familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing. Still, if you would rather not, I’ll provide a brief overview.

Here is a description of the fundamental stages of affiliate marketing:

You may register as an affiliate or with an affiliate network to promote a product you believe in.

You get a special affiliate link that follows any clicks.

You advance the product through your selected mediums, such as social, email, blogs, and personal interactions.

Whenever someone purchases after clicking on a link you’ve provided, you’ll earn a commission.

You’ll be making the product owner happy, too!

Even if you’re a new affiliate marketer with a tight budget, you may follow my advice to the beginning.

Is affiliate marketing profitable?

Absolutely! It may be very lucrative! Affiliate marketers that are successful in affiliate marketing may generate substantial earnings. You may start as a side business, but with a full-time, 7-figure income within reach. In 2021, I raked in more than $200,000 via affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing is not rocket science:

Once you get the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, it is quite easy. Affiliate marketing is just a fancy term for referring new customers, or customers acquired via outside advertising. In my opinion, affiliate marketing is the simplest business to run.

As an affiliate marketer, you do not need any prior expertise. You can rapidly pick up new things, which is ideal because you don’t need a website, email list, or starting money. To make some money as an affiliate marketer, you only need to put in a little effort, be persistent, and maybe even put in a little extra work.

How to start affiliate marketing with no money?

If you want to go into affiliate marketing with no cash, it is advisable to do research and make some plans beforehand. The information that follows will be arranged by priority.

It’s important to realize that affiliate marketing is not a fast path to wealth. While there are many people online who will say it’s simple and push shortcuts, most of these individuals are just attempting to sell you goods without giving you thorough training or enough resources.

I’m aware you want to earn money sooner rather than later. Affiliate marketing is something you must handle like a legitimate company, and you must do this by setting up strong foundations. You must learn from your mistakes and keep going; do not give up.

Pick up a niche:

You need to choose a subject that you’re passionate about and about which you are knowledgeable. After that, you may focus.

You must have a passion for the subject matter of your specialty. You’ll be surprised by what you can do after doing 10 articles or making a few videos.

Do you really want to squander all that effort?

When one begins, it will take some time to begin to notice benefits. Content is slow to be discovered by search engines.

To have success with search engine optimization (SEO), one of the most critical elements is authority. As you continue to develop more information on a topic, you will have more opportunities to construct these things.

This is why we’re discussing specialization.

You must have a distinct point of view within your subject and become known for something exceptional.

For example, you’ve chosen to ‘discuss’ diets, with a focus on keto. It doesn’t matter, since lots of people have already begun talking about the keto diet.

But, if you are a coach for a kid’s soccer team, you could write or create films on the keto diet for children. In particular, you could write or make videos about how the diet helps children perform better in sports.

As a coach, you don’t need to only concentrate on sports in your content, but you may use a coach’s perspective while writing about it.

Do you have any idea how many individuals are putting out stuff like this?

Use social media to boost:

You’ve chosen to launch your blog, now it’s time to draw attention to it and attract people to your website. Social media will be your tool for doing so.

While SEO is a good option for driving traffic, it’s likely to be inefficient for someone who’s on a tight budget. For an enterprise, utilizing these secret networks and bought connections for SEO purposes may prove to be very costly, especially if you don’t have the money to spare.

For an individual without much money, it is clear that you won’t be using PPC advertising, either.

The difference is that social media is free, but you must be willing to work for it. You may potentially reach millions of people for free via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but to do so you’ll need to regularly post and produce some excellent content.

Create a website:

Many affiliate marketers advertise their affiliate goods via specialty websites, although having a website is not necessary. But it’s much simpler with one. Blogging about a specialized topic is a fantastic way to begin, and you may begin Godaddy.

When you decline to set up a blog, there are still a number of no-cost strategies for increasing visitors. Building a client base and establishing relationships may be done by using your social media profiles. Set aside one or two accounts that you are more often associated with and work on crafting your brand message.

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Find an affiliate program:

You may join most affiliate programs without paying anything, and there are numerous options to choose from. To discover suitable goods for your audience, you may join up to affiliate networks and explore their products. Here are some listing below;


CJ affiliate

Fiverr affiliate


Build your authority daily:

Potential customers like to purchase from those they know, trust, and enjoy. It will take time for you to establish yourself in your chosen industry, so don’t expect results overnight.

Present the facts to prove that you have solutions to your target market’s issues. Share pertinent information on your social media accounts. Answer questions in Facebook groups! Other websites, such as Quora and Reddit, also provide you the opportunity to answer questions and help solve issues.

Create content:

My nerves would be shot when I initially began blogging and I read, “Choose a topic and write about it.”

I’ve written a few articles that I believe will be useful. One of them was even shared on Pinterest and became viral. However, they were not focused on a product, therefore no commissions were ever paid…

Because, in the end, I used Amazon Associate links. But even the one that brought in 1,000 visitors a day would only make $20 a month at the end of the month.

That’s such a waste…

In the modern-day, my videos and blog articles have less than a thousand views, yet they’re already earning more than that.

To make your affiliate link more appealing, write material about a product or the issues it resolves.

Add Affiliate Links:

You’ve now created a useful resource and selected a product to advertise. Now you must spread the word about how to acquire that product and be paid by giving your audience your affiliate link.

Most individuals use their affiliate link by placing it in the text directly in reference to the product.

However, there is an additional step that can dramatically boost your revenue!

Rather than send them straight to the goods, give them a little reward in return for their email in advance of purchasing the thing.

To help you in your affiliate marketing endeavors, you’ll be growing your email list, which is your most essential asset.

It’s important to consider…

A firm that you’re familiar with and like has released a keto energy drink.

The Keto Diet has a drink for you to introduce to your list of known prospects (so you can reach out to them all at once) and inform them about.

If you’ve created a list of 1,000 email addresses from individuals who know and trust you, how do you find new people to talk to?

After receiving your email, 100 of them will (for example) buy that new product on the spot, and that translates to substantial immediate commissions!

However, how do you begin to create that email list?

This is something that requires neither time nor complexity.

Even if you can’t sell the thing, you can still earn the commission and get the email address by connecting to a basic bridge page that ultimately leads to the product.

Everything’s done on its own. Passive revenue is created through automation.


Successful affiliate marketers frequently utilize a YouTube channel. On your Youtube channel, you may make a video describing a product’s benefits and drawbacks.

Affiliate marketers should have a thorough understanding of the product and must test it before recommending it to others. Affiliate marketers often exaggerate their product knowledge to sell it. If you’re an affiliate marketer and are familiar with the products you’re promoting, you seem more credible to customers and are more likely to make a sale.

You may both be on camera and use your screen to record a PowerPoint presentation. You must make sure that your YouTube channel and your YouTube videos are fully optimized for the keywords of your specialty, which will provide you the correct and relevant traffic. Thus, you are more likely to make more money.

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Facebook Groups:

You may find the Facebook groups to be full, but you may still get in on the first floor of a money-making venture with a new product. While in other organizations advertising isn’t very well received, the money-making groups are happy to receive it.

To do this, you should join money-earning groups on Facebook and upload a striking image with a request for details. Now you can’t publish links as you used to on Facebook, thus your reach is decreased. Offer instead original content like articles, questions, polls, or pictures that get people talking. ‘

In this manner, you will acquire more market reach and make a few sales in advance.


For free, one tool you may use is Ubersuggest. Use this list of keywords to build new articles. You will have visitors once you have a platform to make money via different monetization options (like affiliate programs).

If you’ve produced articles on high-volume keywords and offer value to readers that will make Google show your articles in the search results, you may expect to see these results from Google. To make things easier, we suggest you increase your knowledge of this subject.

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To engage your target audience, connect with them:

I don’t think I can emphasize this point much more than I already have. Some affiliate marketers make customers dislike them with all the selling they do. No one enjoys being regarded as nothing more than a cash cow, right?

To humanize your accounts, spend your time really engaging with your followers. Don’t start a discussion with “Would you want to purchase this…” Say hello by saying “How are you?” ‘‘Well, it seems like you’re interested in x, y, and z… Me too!” Have casual talks with them over the following several weeks, when you inquire about their aspirations, their life goals, and their daily difficulties.

If you can, provide answers to questions. You should not bring up your product until you have established a relationship with your customer. Once you become skilled at using social media for affiliate marketing, you may forgo talking about your product.

Soon people will inquire about your activities. Don’t ever panic or chase after money. You will miss many chances since people will smell this a mile away.

Final Verdict:

As an affiliate marketer, your earnings potential is limitless.

Although most individuals make less than $200 a month, some top-tier affiliate marketers are making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Is it possible to earn money as an affiliate marketer quickly?

Starting out using free techniques will take some time to start earning, but it will also lead to far more dramatic results over time.

Since you’re developing your online assets — material that gets discovered in search — your profits will start to grow without any additional effort once your online assets begin earning positions in those search engines.

And your assets will work for you for as long as you need them.

Do you know what passive income is?

You may spend any profits you make in further advertising, which will significantly boost your revenue and your company.