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What is iThemes Hosting?

Consider how much easier it would be if you didn’t have to bother about plugin updates or backups. iThemes hosting provides all of the advantages of managed WordPress hosting at a fraction of the cost!

Types of Hosting:

Unlike its partner brand Liquid Web, which offers an enormous array of hosting packages, the iThemes offering is far more straightforward. It eliminates all alternatives and replaces them with a single one, resulting in a simpler and more clear signup procedure for organizations.

iThemes Security Pro:

iThemes offers some substantial security measures for a no-frills service.


BackupBuddy is a WordPress backup plugin for iThemes. It handles all your backups automatically and even deals with site retirements.

iThemes Sync:

Sync lets you link any WordPress site to a single dashboard, regardless of the location. This implies that you may conduct all WordPress site administration activities while upgrading plugins, running backups, installing plugins simultaneously on many sites, linking analysis, security, and more. Sync allows you to produce frequent reports to customers that display specifics of the work done on the site.

It is more than a management tool:

You also get BackupBuddy, Security Pro, and Sync licenses with iThemes Hosting all in one. If you have previously bought the Plugin Suite, iThemes Hosting permits extra licenses. The iThemes Toolkit also has a site plan for 2, 10, or 25. You may see all your posts, pages, and comments inside the Sync dashboard. You may thus approve, modify or duplicate pages on numerous websites on one screen.

iThemes Hosting is Simple to use:

It takes a few minutes to establish a temporary domain and a template website for the dashboard.

iTheme Plugins:

You may add plugins to single or many sites at the same time while viewing the Sync dashboard. You may discover iThemes goods in the dashboard or via the directory WordPress.org.

Sync Pro Features:

With iThemes Hosting, uptime monitoring may be enabled for free. This enables you to get notifications when you download a webpage and also display history. The automatic report also provides evidence to your customers that their websites are always functioning.

Website Builders Features:

iThemes includes an integrated builder of websites called properly Builder. It provides both DIY and prefabricated topics and frames to create completely functioning and functional WordPress websites.

Uptime and Performance:

iThemes offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. As the business admits, the figures are inflated, and iThemes really aim for more, but nobody can guarantee 100 percent uptime absolutely. As a result, iThemes provides a cautious 99.9 percent guarantee.


iThemes understands what good it’s at and the professionals are better off. Instead of crossing your own foot to offer an additional function, iThemes does not even bother with email hosting. Like everything else, it’s all about adhering to the fundamentals. iThemes has email hosting options that are suggested including Liquid Web, G-Suite, and Zoho Mail partner brand.

Control Panel:

As iThemes plugins lift heavily, the whole procedure is seamless, quick, and simple. The user interface is simple and allows you to accomplish everything in only one or two clicks. Furthermore, iThemes offers many online materials and tools to assist you to learn about WordPress and all the interesting things you can do with it. The library includes more than 35 eBooks devoted to all WordPress, along with video lessons, to help you find problems.

Help and Support:

iThemes offers a pleasant and well-informed client support team. The crew is located in Oklahoma so that you always receive someone who speaks your language and understands the problems that you face. Support may be obtained via an online contact form. Messages will usually be addressed in regular business hours within 24 hours Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm CT.


The price structure of iThemes is very affordable. With hosting plans starting at only $15 per month, any company can afford this level of service. Customers are paid yearly for their hosting plans, which include any add-ons included in the plan bundle (i.e., iThemes Sync, iThemes Security Pro, and iThemes BackupBuddy plugins).

Final Words:

iThemes is the ideal option for companies seeking a stable and trustworthy solution to host their WordPress websites. The method is simple to use for everyone, and it is very cheap at most $25 a month, regardless of what your budget is.



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