Which One Is the Best Web Hosting in 2022?

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Liquid Web is a prominent WordPress host. All services are tailored for popular apps like WooCommerce, WordPress, premium business email, etc.

It was established in 1997 and quickly became a leader in managed cloud, VPS, and dedicated server hosting. Its servers are optimized for performance, speed, and security, making it one of the finest choices.

We are dealing with a high-level supplier that is geared towards the corporate or commercial sector.

Your WordPress hosting plan includes automatic upgrades, test sites, and a centralized management panel. So do Red Bull, ESPN, Audi, United Way, and FedEx.

We’ll also cover Liquid Web’s technical support, locations, reviews, features, and price.

There will be no shared web hosting:

It has already been stated that Liquid Web does not provide shared web hosting, which is often utilized by individuals and small to medium-sized companies. There are more options available if you wish to experiment in that particular hosting area.

HostGator, the PCMag Editors’ Choice for shared web hosting services, is a great place to begin your search for a hosting provider.

HostGator provides Linux- or Windows-based shared hosting packages that allow small and medium-sized businesses the ability to expand (prices start at $2.75 per month for a 36-month plan, with no contract required).

When looking for low-cost web hosting, HostGator is the service to investigate.

Why choose liquid web?

Unlike SiteGround, Bluehost, and GoDaddy, Liquid Web does not provide shared hosting. Instead, they specialize in high-end hosting.

They also provide VPS, cloud, and dedicated hosting options, so they’re not just a WordPress-only server.

This saves Liquid Web personnel and resources from catching and maintaining simple website owners. Instead, they may focus on providing a premium service to customers with more complicated hosting needs and high expectations.

Choosing Liquid Web may also offer access to personnel with a larger breadth of expertise, spanning a wider range of high-end hosting services and solutions — not just managed WordPress hosting.

So, if the Liquid Web team determines that your WordPress website will benefit from dedicated or cloud hosting, they may suggest a plan from their portfolio without you having to go elsewhere.

With a big team exclusively dedicated to premium hosting, your website is likely to be cared about by personnel with more knowledge and experience than businesses that also provide hosting at the lower end of the market.

But, as you’ll see, Liquid Web stands apart from the competition in a few additional ways.

>>> Liquid Web Hosting <<<

What products and services does Liquidweb Hosting provide?

Liquidweb is a fully managed hosting service. It provides us with more support, frequency, and pre-configuration than a typical hosting provider.

The hosting contract covers proactive server management for availability, security, and network problems. Professionals also maintain the server and keep the operating system updated for security.

If you need assistance determining which Liquidweb package best meets your requirements, please contact us by phone or live chat. They help with applications and migrations.

Managed WordPress, Webmail, and Managed WooCommerce are among the services offered.

Besides that, they provide business programs and freelancers. Also provides managed apps, tools, and hosting services.

WordPress Web Hosting:

A single domain, 2TB monthly data transfers, and a 15GB solid-state drive are available for $19 per month via Liquid Web’s Nexcess brand. LIQUID WEB offers one-click installations, automated upgrades, and access to hundreds of WordPress applications and plug-ins through its Fantastico library.

The managed hosting environment at Liquid Web is optimized for WordPress and its plug-ins. You don’t even need to install the CMS since it’s preconfigured.

As with any self-hosted WordPress site, you may create posts, pages, and galleries once signed in. We were able to rapidly build a functional test page.

The WordPress backend has many themes you may add to your site to make it more appealing or useful. Of course, you may utilize a paid WordPress theme.

WordPress hosting for individuals and small companies is recommended by PCMag. A2 comes with a pre-built environment that includes active malware protection and selected plug-ins to improve your experience. More significantly, A2 offers limitless monthly storage and data transfers.

Dedicated Web Hosting:

If you want to create your website on the strongest foundation possible, you should look into Liquid Web’s dedicated server options.

Dedicated hosting allows you to use all of a server’s resources instead of sharing them. This is one of Liquid Web’s main hosting services.

Dedicated servers from Liquid Web range from a single quad-core processor, two 240GB SSDs (with a 1TB backup drive), 5TB monthly data transfers, and 16GB of RAM (starting at $169 per month) to a high-end 32-core processor, two 480GB SSDs (with a 1TB SATA backup drive), 15TB monthly data transfers, and 32GB of RAM (starting at $299 per month). Clearly, Liquid Web’s dedicated servers are for companies who value website speed and can afford it.

Its comprehensive managed dedicated server options outperform AccuWebs’ outstanding SMB-friendly offerings.

Despite this, AccuWeb remains the Editors’ Choice for dedicated web hosting for individuals and small businesses.

AccuWeb provides Linux or Windows servers with up to 512GB RAM, 6TB storage, and 20TB monthly data transfers. It’s apples and oranges, and Liquid Web is really unique.

VPS Hosting:

If you want a powerful server without the expensive cost of a dedicated server, Liquid Web’s VPS servers are for you. VPS hosting is a more powerful (and assured) version of shared hosting.

The entry-level VPS plan offers 2GB of RAM, 40GB of SSD storage, 10TB monthly data transfers, unlimited domains, and unlimited email. The high-end Liquid Web option (beginning at $115 per month) adds 16GB of RAM, 200GB of SSD storage, and the choice of Linux or Windows-based servers (for $20 extra per month). If you need a more powerful server, contact Liquid Web.

For the budget, Liquid Web has the greatest RAM and storage. Given Liquid Web’s pricing, that’s a significant qualification.

For our target market of SMBs, Hostwinds is our Editors’ Choice for VPS, but for enterprise-level hosting, Liquid Web is worth a look. Unlike many other VPS providers we’ve evaluated, Liquid Web only charges for the days used each month, which is useful if you decide to cancel.

Reseller Web Hosting:

If you want to start your own web hosting company but don’t want to manage servers, bandwidth, or other infrastructure issues, Liquid Web’s reseller web hosting packages are ideal. Plans start at $139 per month and include a WHMCS plug-in and fast provisioning.

In terms of RAM, monthly data transfers, and storage, Liquid Web’s dedicated and VPS reseller packages are identical to Liquid Web’s direct offerings. No shared reseller hosting plans. Liquid Web also offers 24/7 tech assistance and allows you to brand your own servers.

Liquid Web has good reseller plans, however, Hostwinds has better specifications in a wider range of server categories. As a consequence, Hostwinds is our Editors’ Choice.

Cloud Hosting:

The company also provides cloud hosting. Cloud hosting distributes your site’s resources across many servers.

Liquid Web offers various cloud hosting levels with CentOS 7 Linux or Windows. With 15GB RAM, 452GB storage, and 5TB monthly data, costs start at $149 per month and go up to almost $1,100 per month depending on your setup. Expansion of server resources is quite flexible.

However, DreamHost gets PCMag Editors’ Choice since it is more accessible than Liquid Web’s higher-end, managed options, which are in a separate category. DreamHost offers great plans starting at $4.50 per month for 512MB RAM, 80GB SSD storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers (for four CPU cores, 8GB of RAM, 80GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers).

Specifications Concerning Security:

Security is something you should consider. In this case, Liquid Web is on the job. Firewalls, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), virtual private networks (VPN), malware detection and removal, and a variety of other services are available from the business.

Others must be purchased separately as add-ons to particular packages, while others are included with specific packages and others are optional. The free nightly backups provided by Liquid Web will protect your site if it is subjected to significant harm.

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Why Liquid Web Had Been So Popular Now?

We’ll go over all of the features you should be aware of before deciding on Liquid Web as your web hosting provider in the section below.

1. Webmail:

This service provides quality business Webmail hosting. It is a fantastic, easy-to-use solution designed for both large and small businesses.

This service includes anti-virus and anti-spam. Plans start at $25/month for 25GB mailboxes and webmail chat. Higher plans include calendars, public files, an active directory, and other features.

2. Ease of Operation:

Using Liquid Web is straightforward; it is a managed hosting service that streamlines the duties of its users.

cPanel is a straightforward and pleasant control panel, and they have access to highly skilled assistance support with a single click of the mouse.

WordPress and the company’s cPanel control panel are both installed automatically via the company’s automated installer.

3. Domain Names:

It provides the option of registering domain names via a straightforward process. You must first determine whether or not the domain you need is available before proceeding with the selection process.

Finding, registering, and hosting a domain has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the cPanel control panel.

4. Databases:

Database with high accessibility combined with rapid duplication. This business is committed to creating goods for a highly professional audience that wants the greatest level of quality, and as a result, it does not create low-cost hosting solutions with standard capabilities and features.

5. Storage:

This hosting offers both cloud and physical storage choices. You may also choose between a shared, dedicated, or cloud server.

The storage capacity, support, and pricing will vary depending on the hosting type you select for your website.

6. Multisite:

The plans it offers have no restrictions on the number of websites that may be hosted on a server.

It makes no difference whether you pick cloud hosting, a dedicated service, or another kind of service; the only difference you will see is the number of resources (memory) included in the plan you have chosen to meet the requirements of your website.

7. Applications:

It provides excellent service in the area of managed application hosting. Maintenance, upgrades, and patching may be handled by the Liquid Web development teams as part of their regular duties.

8. Transfer:

Transferring a domain to or from Liquid Web is a breeze. The first step is to unlock the domain and obtain the EPP code through a request ticket or cPanel.

This is dependent on where the hosting is registered. This code must be sent to the expert in charge or registered with the new hosting through cPanel. This may vary depending on the registration authority.

9. SSL Certificate:

SSL certificates for your website housed on the hosting server may be managed via cPanel or webmail. It is essential to obtain an SSL certificate since it provides security for both your website and your users, especially if they are required to make purchases or input sensitive information on your website.

What steps should I take to install Liquidweb for hosting my website?

First, you must properly counsel yourself to choose the finest product for your website. Once you understand it, you must establish an account by picking the service and then the payment method.

After that, you must install cPanel to administer the internet server from where you will do migrations, domain registrations, add, upload your managed WP website, and other server operations.

Because WordPress is pre-installed, setting up your site is a breeze. It features a support service supervisor to ensure smooth installations. Please contact customer support if you need assistance setting and installing WordPress with cPanel.

Uptime that is very dependable:

The uptime of a website is critical to the success of a hosting provider. You will be missing out on consumers or clients if your site is unavailable. You should avoid it. Even more, Liquid Web is quite reliable.

We track the uptime of my test sites over a two-week period using a website monitoring program.

The program checks every 15 minutes to see whether our test sites are available and, if not, sends us an email immediately. It seems that Liquid Web had a short lapse in service during the last two weeks.

On the other hand, it seemed to be an isolated event, with consistent uptime being provided for months.

Web Support and Customer Service by Liquid Web:

Liquid Web offers a highly qualified support team that is accessible through live chat, phone, and support requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the United States.

Telephone and live chat questions are responded to in less than a minute, and support requests are responded to within 30 minutes of receipt.

The support team is courteous and educated, and they respond quickly to any problems that may occur.

The company’s knowledge library has hundreds of helpful case studies, seminars, insights, and tutorials that can assist you in making the most of your Liquid Web hosting experience.

Liquid Web Pricing:

Liquidweb is not a general-purpose hosting service; rather, it is a service tailored especially to the demands of customers with professional requirements. It is critical to understand the range of goods available as well as the pricing associated with each plan.

Final Verdict:

To address complicated professional or commercial requirements, Liquidweb provides high-quality solutions. The customer service is amazing, the staff is comprised of efficient and capable employees that provide excellent service.

It offers many product ranges, including webmail, cPanel, and WordPress Managed. These items are meant to be used in a professional setting only. This is an outstanding product owing to its great quality, function, and cost. Liquid Web is one of the hosts that should be on your list because of this and the test results.



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